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Owners & Managers

Restaurant Owners & Managers: Want your restaurant to stand out?

What makes some of your favorite restaurants so pleasant to go to, where you don’t mind spending your hard-earned money dining and relaxing? For most people, the food may be superb, the atmosphere top notch, the noise level and music are pleasant, and prices are within their budgets. It’s usually the right combination of all these things that makes certain places worth the time, effort, and money.

A favorite restaurant’s music may be a little too loud; or it may not have seating on the oceanfront deck available for you when you dine; or maybe the wait to get a table is a bit longer than you like to wait, and so on. Obviously, not everything has to be perfect, and enough positives, such as great prices and comfortable atmosphere, allow some minor “flaws” — such as no ocean or waterway view, for example — to be more easily overlooked than others.

The one thing that allows most people to overlook minor faults in other categories, yet still list a restaurant as their favorite, is how well they’re treated by everyone that works at a restaurant: whether they’re owners, managers, hostesses or servers. It’s the combined customer service of the owners and employees of a restaurant — or any business, for that matter — that makes all the difference.

Reviews help locals and visitors with dining choices

With so many choices and exits off the Blue Ridge Parkway, restaurant reviews may be helpful to narrow your choices, and we encourage you to read several reviews before deciding where to dine. Locals and visitors write reviews and rate the places they frequent in order to share their dining experiences, both pleasant and not so pleasant, with you. These reviews, it is our hope, will help you and your family make better choices when travelling along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

How this guide is organized

In order to make it as easy as possible to find great places to dine in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we’ve separated restaurants by type of cuisine served, like seafood buffets, steak houses, Italian, Japanese, Irish, international, etc. You can also locate where to eat by area, such as Boone, Roanoke, Asheville, Banner Elk, Lynchburg, Black Mountain, and more. Those who are on a travel budget can search the many restaurants by price or even see one of the many restaurant videos we have produced for our clients at Blue Ridge Mountain Restaurants.

Write your own reviews…it’s easy!

If you’ve just eaten at a fabulous place, or one not so fabulous, share the experience and write a review! We’ve provided a very easy-to-use rating system of 1 to 5 stars (one being poor quality and 5 being excellent quality) for things like atmosphere, food quality, time to be seated, noise level, and more. We’ve included photos of various places to dine and provide free, courtesy links to web sites that we know about.

Why and how this information can help…

The Blue Ridge Mountains covers quite a bit of distance from Maryland To Georgia, and with so many choices of where to eat, even locals know how difficult it is to pick only a few a day! For many years, newcomers and visitors to the Blue Ridge Mountains have been wanting more information on the web about the seemingly overwhelming dining choices in the mountains.

This site is the end result of all the requests we’ve received, and we are happy that after years of planning, we’re finally able to help those near and far seeking more information about available dining choices in the mountains.

The editors and staff of this site love to eat out, value the variety of cuisines, look for good restaurants that are reasonably priced, with quality food, service, and atmosphere, and hope this site helps all locals and visitors learn more about the great dining choices available just an exit away off the Blue Ridge Parkway.